February Articles

When we think of February, we think of Hearts. Whether that be the emotional heart or the physical heart. Its time to take a closer look at the health of this truly heroic organ.

This Months Articles

Look forward My first article on how eating a plant-based diet can be good for your hearthttps://wordpress.viu.ca/rosenutrition/2019/02/11/feeding-a-healthy-heart-2/
Are you looking for a what to eat in a day to feed a healthy heart and nutrition the soul checkout my second article https://wordpress.viu.ca/rosenutrition/2019/02/20/my-favorite-recipes-feeding-a-healthy-heart/
its not only what goes on you plate that can have an effect on your heart. Chick here to learn more about my top three relaxing self-care habits that can help keep your heart healthy