Dessert Can Be Healthy: Here’s why

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Yes, desserts can be healthy, I know that’s a big statement so let me explain.  

Dessert can be part of a healthy diet and is something that I do include as part of many of my client’s meal plans. My reason is adherence, or how well someone can keep to the changes they are trying to make to their lifestyle. What makes adherence to lifestyle changes, in general, difficult is making things you enjoy forbidden. This includes but is not limited to eating desserts. By including the foods that you enjoy, you can stick to your diet changes long-term, since you don’t “fail” your diet when you eat foods that aren’t considered part of your typical diet plan. 

Also by including the occasional dessert into your diet, you can learn healthy eating habits and mindset around food. By allowing desserts into your diet, you can have a neutral outlook on them, not a forbidden food that could lead to binges or anxiety while also not deeming it something that will solve all your problems. 

Now after saying all that, not all desserts are made equal, and depending on how often you want to include a sweet treat choosing a “healthier” option might be something to think about. I have quite the sweet tooth so I have found recipes that I can include in my diet more regularly. One of my all-time favorites is the Black Bean Brownie recipe from The BUFF Dudes. These healthier deserts have protein, and fiber which can prevent the sugar that is in them from spiking your blood sugar. 

Life is more fun when you can have treats and don’t beat yourself up when you have them.