Easy food ideas for when life gets busy 

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September is here and with that people are heading back to school, work is coming into the end of the third quarter, and the kiddos are back into the swing of all the school’s activities. As life gets away from us and we try to figure out how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, something often falls by the wayside. All too often this means that our eating habits get simplified or ignored while other things take priority. 

So to avoid this here are a few easy ideas that can be easily prepped ahead of time and eaten during these busy times. 

Baked Oats: 

 When life gets busy, Baked Oats is one of my favourite breakfasts. There are a variety of flavours to play with including berry, apple, pumpkin pie, pear, cranberry, and so many more. You can add protein to this meal by adding in a protein powder, yogurts or other high-protein toppings like nuts and seeds. 

Muffin Tin Egg Cups: 

Whether you make these with eggs or tofu for an egg-free alternative, these “Egg Cups” are an easy high-protein option for a pre-made breakfast. I often pair mine with roasted sweet potatoes that I thinly slice and bake with the egg cups. When I’m ready to eat them I microwave the egg cups and the sweet potatoes together for a couple of minutes. 

Homemade Cup of Soup: 

This is a fun and easy lunch idea, that can be easily prepped and as long as you have a kettle available at lunch. My cup of soup often consists of a soup base (miso, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, chilli oil and other spices), a variety of veggies, greens, protein (I like tofu) and a small bundle of rice noodles that cook in the boiling water. Everything gets added to a jar, then when it is time to eat just add boiling water and let sit for a couple minutes to cook the noodles and veggies, then mix and enjoy. 

This time of year life can get busy, but it doesn’t mean that you have to stop eating good food. Finding easy ways to make healthy food available will help you reach your goals while not adding too much to your already full schedule.

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