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A Good Cup of Tea: History and Health Benefits 

The legendary first cup of tea was had by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nong while sitting in his Camellia Garden when a leaf from the Camellia tree accidentally dropped into his hot water to flavour what we now call tea. This is probably far more myth than reality however it started, tea has become part

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Happy 29th Trip Around the Sun to Me

Another year older, another year wiser. Many lessons were learned, some easier than others.  These lessons led to reprioritization and focusing of my energy on tasks and habits that were more in line with my long-term goals and values. Here are three areas that have been my focus for growth this last year.  Rest and

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Better Than Store Bought: Homemade Cup of Soup 

It’s autumn up here on Vancouver Island and with the changing seasons comes cooler weather, cozy sweaters and rain. This makes me start craving soups that are full of veggies, noodles and tasty flavors. Yet I work a few part time jobs and don’t always have access to a microwave so it got me thinking

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Food for Thought: The Goodness of Ginger 

One of my favourite flavours especially when the weather starts getting cooler is ginger. From soups to sweets and everything in between, ginger can add a spicy zesty flavour to a variety of dishes. Here are a few things that are good to know about this tasty tuber.  Health benefits of ginger:  In traditional medicine,

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Healthy Habits: The Importance of Rest and Recovery 

This has been coming up in conversations with friends, family and clients lately. In this fast-paced world, we are often praised for productivity and the hustle to reach our goals. Yet if the Hustle is not balanced with proper rest, burnout comes crashing in to make us rest. There are three areas of importance when

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Easy food ideas for when life gets busy 

September is here and with that people are heading back to school, work is coming into the end of the third quarter, and the kiddos are back into the swing of all the school’s activities. As life gets away from us and we try to figure out how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, something often

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 Food for thought: Why comfort food is so comforting?

Comfort food is called comfort food for a reason! It’s comforting! Whether it’s the environment or the food itself, comfort food fills our souls with a sense of being safe like a big fuzzy blanket. Food can also hold onto memories that can play into how comforting the food is and which food we consider

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Perfectionism is the Root of Diet Culture

Through social media, influencers or magazines at the checkout of the grocery stores, I’m sure you’re familiar with many of the diets that are popular at the moment. Be it no-sugar, keto, whole 30, veganism, Dash diet, or the many other diets that are out there, there is often a commonality. Perfectionism. To “complete” the

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Set Yourself Up For Success By Preparing To Fail

There’s a popular quote that I remember hearing in university “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. While this was a great motivator for me to study while in university, it doesn’t quite translate into life outside of school. Yet it got me thinking about preparing to fail, and how this can impact our goal setting. 

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Health Habits: Moving your body is more than just for physical health 

Physical activity is something that has a wide impact on many areas of overall health including but not limited to mental health, quality sleep, body composition, confidence and self-esteem and everything that ripples out from there. Yet so many of us struggle to make this a regular habit. Read this blog to learn more.