How to Set SMART Goals: with downloadable PDF goal planner and habit tracker

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What is a SMART goal? 

Have you ever set a goal only for it to become something you don’t actually achieve? Or do you struggle to make goals that motivate you? Need help? 

Goals can be challenging, I have had many over the years. Some withered away, while others were achieved and there are still some that I’m currently working on. I’ve noticed that the ones that I don’t completely fall into one of two categories: unmotivating or don’t fit into my current reality. 

When goals fall into the unmotivating categories, I lose interest, get bored and move on to something else. So how to avoid these… have a reason why. Why  do you actually want to achieve this goal? The more charged the reason is the better. It should be something that will get you off the couch and push you into action even when you REALLY don’t want to do it. 

When they do not fit into my current reality… they don’t happen. It’s just that simple. They don’t get started, no habits are formed and no changes happen. So how to avoid this pitfall. Make sure that when you make your goals that you take into account what your current reality is. Want to run a marathon? Have you/ can you currently run 10 km? YES making the goal to run a marathon is amazing if it motivates but make sure that your time line reflects your current abilities, time commitments, physical health, mental health and environment. 

SMART goals are a great place to get started, if you want to take the next step check out the link below to download a free PDF for help you lay out your goals, identify the habits that will help you reach those goals and a habit tracked to make those habits stick.

With this goal planner, you will set your intention, reward, time limit, habits that will help you get to and maintain the goal, identify what will help you get back on track and identify how is your support team. These are are all important aspect of making a goal. Yet the most important part of your goal is the reason why you want to achieve it is the first place. this reasons should be something the is a deep desire that will drive you even when you don’t want to work towards your goal some days.

The habit tracker will help track the habits that will be the key steps to achieving your goal. It take 21 day to make a habit, but based on recent research is takes 66 days to make it stick for sure. That is why the habit tracker has 67 check point, including a celebration check mark to make sure that you celebrate your hard work.

I hope this helps you make the best of this year. Happy Goal setting!