Why Lifestyle is SO Important to Long Term Health

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We often dream that one day we will do the right workout and eat enough of the right food, and drink enough water that we will get to the destination of “being healthy”. Yet “being healthy” is not a destination rather a feature of the path we take in our lives. 

Sadly going to the gym or getting active once in a while will not improve your fitness, and likewise “dieting” for a few weeks of the year will also not get you healthy. 

I’m sorry to say that’s just not how it works. Health is ruled by what you do the majority of the time. Developing the daily habits that you do the majority of the time is the way you become healthy, and maintaining these habits over the long term leads to long-term health.

This is good news, even though it may not sound like it at first. This means that if you have a piece of cake at your friend’s birthday party and miss the occasional workout, you are still on the path to being healthy. As long as the majority of your eating and lifestyle habits are health-promoting (get enough sleep, 30 minutes of daily activity, and eating your veggies) you are still healthy.

This removes the stress and anxiety that comes with “failing” a diet because you cheated on your diet or missed a workout. As you give yourself permission that you can still be healthy, have your treats and get back to it the next day.