How to make eating fun and stress-free experiences 

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In January we say “new year, new me”, we follow through with the thing that we want to do and the changes that we want to make. In February, Valentine’s Day comes and we might indulge a bit to celebrate the romance of the holiday. Now March is just around the corner and my question to you is which time did you enjoy yourself more? When you were strictly following a diet like many of us did in January, or was it in the time when you romanticized your dinners with loved ones in February? 

Now I understand that for a health and possibly bank account, eating like we do over holidays like Valentine’s Day or Christmas or St Patrick’s Day may not be the best, but that’s not to say that they don’t have their merits that we can apply to our daily eating habits. 

First let’s look at Valentine’s Day, the day of love and romance. Now, what is more romantic than sharing a candlelit meal, and taking your time to enjoy it fully with your partner or even yourself for the single folks out there. By taking the time to put your love and attention into the food you make and appreciation of the food while you eat (which will require you to slow down) it can have a positive impact on your eating habits and portion sizes. The slower and more mindfully you eat the better.  You will be able to pick up whether you have eaten enough and can stop. 

Secondly, let’s think back to just a few months ago to the festive holiday season. I hope that you were all able to share a meal with family and friends. Sharing meals with those close to you can be a time to show your love and gratitude for them, while also enjoying their company, and creating a sense of happiness when it comes to mealtimes. This is more of an intention to hold around mealtimes, as reality might not also turn out this way. But it is a good intention to have.  

Lastly, St. Patrick’s day is just around the corner. Although this holiday is more seen in the North American worldview as a good excuse to get drunk. There is a light-hearted energy that emphasizes letting one’s hair down and having some fun. Skipping the abundance of alcohol and soaking in the joy and merriment is so important to incorporate into our daily lives. Day-to-day stresses can make it feel like the world is on our shoulders, its important to make time for fun and enjoyment, whether that be playing with your children or fur-babies or trying a new activity. Letting go of the pressure that we often put on ourselves is important for long-term health, it is not something you have to wait for a holiday to celebrate.    

Holidays are a good time to celebrate and let go of daily routines, but some of the things that we do on holiday can be brought into our daily life that can make for a healthier and happier you.