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Diets vs Healthy Lifestyle: A Nutritionist explains the difference 

On the surface, dieting and a healthy lifestyle may look similar. Both can lead to weight loss, changes in eating patterns, and a change in activity levels. However, there are major key differences to these two when you look under the surface at the behavior, habits, and most importantly the difference in mindset. So let’s get into it.

How to make eating fun and stress-free experiences 

In January we say “new year, new me”, we follow through with the thing that we want to do and the changes that we want to make. In February, Valentine’s Day comes and we might indulge a bit to celebrate the romance of the holiday. Now March is just around the corner and my question

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Why Lifestyle is SO Important to Long Term Health

We often dream that one day we will do the right workout and eat enough of the right food, and drink enough water that we will get to the destination of “being healthy”. Yet “being healthy” is not a destination rather a feature of the path we take in our lives.  Sadly going to the

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Dessert Can Be Healthy: Here’s why

Yes, desserts can be healthy, I know that’s a big statement so let me explain.   Dessert can be part of a healthy diet and is something that I do include as part of many of my client’s meal plans. My reason is adherence, or how well someone can keep to the changes they are trying

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Why is “WHY” the Most Important Question to Ask Yourself?

If you spend any time with children you might cringe at how relentless they are when asking questions about the world around them. This child-like curiosity is so important to reconnect with, when learning to be more mindful, reach your goal, and grow in general.  Curiosity is a key aspect of mindfulness, especially when just

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Dreaming is great, but why stop there 

When January comes and everyone gets the urge to start fresh, set goals, and jump in headfirst into making BIG changes. But here is the thing, most of these well-intentioned goals do not last.  Here’s why, and hopefully we can learn from past mistakes and actually make these New Year’s resolutions stick long term.  First,

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 The Skills You Need To Meet Your Health Goals From a Nutritionist 

Did you make the resolution to eat better this year? Are you feeling a little overwhelmed with the idea of cooking more or making more healthy choices when eating in general?  Getting started can seem really daunting, especially when changing the food on your plate. A quick good search about changing your diet can lead

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How to Make This The Best Year Yet: Simple rules to follow to make your health goals a reality

It’s January, and I’m sure that we have all at least contemplated New Year resolutions. Yet like many of us, myself included, we struggle to stick with New Year’s resolutions. There are three big reasons why.  They are not planned out.  We seem to think that January 1st will bring in a new year and

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How to Set SMART Goals: with downloadable PDF goal planner and habit tracker

What is a SMART goal?  Have you ever set a goal only for it to become something you don’t actually achieve? Or do you struggle to make goals that motivate you? Need help?  Goals can be challenging, I have had many over the years. Some withered away, while others were achieved and there are still

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How to survive the holiday season without counting calories

The holiday season is fast approaching, with Christmas in just a couple days and many of us, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, have probably experienced that festive seasonal event that often involves lots and lots of food! This abundance of food and festivities is often associated with weight gain, bloating or the well-known food

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