Author: Amber Rose

Five Mindful Eating Habits You Can Do Daily

Mindfulness can sometimes seem really challenging especially when the holiday season is fast approaching. The holiday seasons, from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas, are often paired with an abundance of delicious food. Often the abundance of food can lead to the over consumption of tasty treats and massive portions at mealtimes. So how can we

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What We Can Learn From Counting Calories

            At one point in time in our day to day lives’, we have all counted calories for a variety of reasons! From gaining weight to enter a competitive division of sport, to losing weight to fit those old blue jeans from high school, an act of maintenance, or simply counting out of curiosity. Sure,

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Make Time for Self Care: How loving yourself can make you healthier

One aspect of heart health is lowering stress. Stress can not only increase blood pressure in the short term, but it can also increase the chances of having cardiovascular disease (CVD). To prevent stress from affecting your heart health, self-care is an important method to lower your stress. My top 3 self care recommendations are

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